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Frequently Asked Questions

Please select the category you require for support from the link below. If you don't find or have difficultities about the clarities of the description mentioned below please contact us for clarification.

    • What is user Management?
      User management section is used to manage the users of every registered businesses.
    • Who is the contact person of the registered business?
      By default, the person who registers the business by entering their personal details along with the business details at the beginning are the contact persons.

      The name of the contact person may be used when sending letter out to the customers or the SleekSurf team through the business profile and control panel.

      The contact person can be changed from the control panel if required.
    • What is customer management?
      Any business have the customers of their interest. The customer management section stores the information about the bonafide customers of the business.
    • Why do I need customer management?
      As business, you 'll introduce various products or promotion in your business. Letting the interested customers know on time about what you offer them is vital for the success of your business. With customer management in place, you can instantly notify your customers about the promotions or products you are offering via SMS or emai.
    • How does a customer register in my business profile?
      The are tow way of registration:
      1. Registration by admin: The customer provides the details and the user of the business can enter the customer's details.
      2. Registration by customer: The customer can visit your business profile and registers himself/herself.
    • Can I send email or SMS to all registered customers?
      No, you can send email or SMS  only to those customers who have subscribed to email or SMS. Generally, customers are subscribed to email or SMS at the time of registration. However, they can chose to unsubscribe if they wish to. The link to Unsubscription is included in the email sent out to every customer.
      Only customers who are subscribed to email are shown in the mailing list and those who are not subscribed will not be shown in email list. So you don't have to worry about who is subscribed or unsubscribed at the time of sending email of SMS.
    • What is Customer Management Group?
      Your business might have variety of products. Different customers might have interest in different products. based on the variety in customer interest. You can group customers in different Customer Group.
    • Do I really have to make customer group in my business?
      It depends on the size of your business and how versatile your business is. Creating customer group is optional. You don't have to create a customer group if you wish not to.
    • What is the benefit of making customer group?
      One of the most important benefit is you can send email or SMS to all the customers of one group who have subscribed to email without selecting each customer when you make offer about the product(s) which interest that particular group.
      Another benefit is you 'll have the record of the customers interest in particular aspect of your business.
    • What is Promotion management?
      Your business may introduce new product or offer from time to time. You need to display those promotions online and notify the customers as they are introduced. The user of the business can manage those products and offer by adding, modifying and sending those to the interested customers via email or SMS.
    • What information are stored in Promotion management?
      The main image of the product or the sign of offer. The additional image (i.e. the image you use to advertise), the description, the duration, price, promotion code if you like to, etc.
    • How customers can view my promotion?
      All the promotion you store are displayed as slide show in you business profile. Customers can view the details of promotion on clicking the promotion in slide show. The images include and videos included in the promotion are presented in a clear and nice manner.

      Apart from that, you can email the promotions to the interested customers via email or notify them via SMS.
    • What is Promotion Management Gallery?
      It is the collection of images  and videos to support the explanation of a promotion or offer.
    • Is it necessary to store Promotional Management Gallery for every promotion?
      It's not necessary. However, the promotion or product might have images or videos to explain them. If the promotion have those media files, they can be stored and displayed to the customers.
    • What is Service Management?
      Your business has a list of services you render to your customers. The services may have to be updated from time to time. This section manages all addition, edition and deletion of service you provide to your customer.
    • Is it necessary to mention service?
      We believe it is necessary for any business to let their customers know how they are served by the business. Service management is the right place to tell them how they are served. It is necessary to mention your service to the customer in your business profile.
    • What is Account Management?
      Account Management section keeps the information about your account with the package you 've bought.
    • What can I do in Account Management?
      In account management, you can view all the accounts you 've bought from us. You can renew your account just before your account expires or by topping up the existing package.
    • What payment method can I use to purchage Package and SMS?
      We accept the following payment methods:


      This is one of the mostly used and secured payment method over the internet. If you purchage our package and SMS online. You have to use this method of payment. You can either use your credit card or open your own paypal account to purchage.
      Bank Transfer
      You can choose to transfer the purchage amount to our account. It might take couple of days for us to receive the purchage amount. Your account is activated once we receive the fund in out bank account.
      You can choose to visit us and make a payment in cash. Then your account will be activated by one of our admin.
    • What is order status?
      The order status is an stage of payment payment process in our business. The  order status stages are described as follows:
      WaitingForPayment: The order has been placed but the amount for the order has not been deducted yet.
      Verified: The Order is complete and the payment has been made.
      Refunded: The order amount has been refunded and the order has been cancelled.

    • How long does it take to process the payment?
      If the payment is made online via Paypal using credit card or paypal account, the payment is processed almost instantly and the account is activated.

      The payment made in cash is also processed instantly in most of the situations and the account is activated.

      The payment made via Bank Transfer my take longer depending on which bank the money comes from. Once the purchage amount is deposited, the account is activated.

    • Is my payment detail stored by SleekSurf?
      SleekSurf doesn't store your Credit Card, Bank Account information. The payment is processed by Paypal and all the information during the payment process are handled by PayPal. We only store your Package Order or SMS order information for reference.
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